Erotic Massage Salon in Bucharest

Confidential erotic massage parlor- It’s our pleasure to please you!
Placed in a sophisticated villa with an elegant environment, Confidential parlor is the definition for “pleasure provider”, it’s purpose being your total relaxation.

The “erotic massage” phenomenon exists in Bucharest for over 10 years and we’ve been there since the beginning, helping to define it and to form generations of masseuses. And still, you have avoided such places, perhaps because of prejudice or shyness.
Most likely you have heard your friends telling stories about their experiences in massage parlors, you were tempted to ask, to try it, but maybe for you this is subject too private to discuss it over a beer. For the uninitiated ones yet, the erotic massage is a combination of relaxing massage techniques, combined with sensual and exciting touches on the entire body, focusing on erogenous zones, which culminates in orgasm. Each massage session is different; is customized according to the reactions of the beneficiary and each masseuse has her own methods, resulting in an explosion of pleasure.

Why erotic massage and why Confidential Parlor?
Because we are close to you, 3 steps away!
The first step is the most difficult and often the trigger is an exhausting day at work, the need for physical and mental relaxation. How many times have you said, “i am exhausted! I need a massage! ” You can choose from: a run to the mall where for 5 Ron an armchair comes to life and nudges you for 10 minutes; a massage session at a beauty salon, where the provider will focus on anti-cellulite massage, although it may not be your case, or a massage session, made by a sexy, summary or not dressed young lady.
And still, why is it so hard the decision to visit a massage parlor?
You will say: “I am a man with moral principles!” We do not doubt this and do not want to make you break them. If you refer to the principle of monogamy, a visit to a massage parlor does not imply any violation, the receptionist will not formalize any ceremony between you and the masseuse, erotic massage does not involve any form of intimate contact, it is just a relaxing service for which you pay and benefit. Indeed is a service of carnal pleasures, but it will not affect your personal life and you will not awaken remorse. Confidential is a well organized erotic massage parlor that offers pleasure with warmth and professionalism.
Whether you come from your own conviction or you will be carried by your friends, erotic massage experience at Confidential will be one that you will enjoy the most.
The next step is scheduling.
The phone number will wake naughty ideas in your head, and the more you dial, the closer you are to your erotic film. Do not be afraid to ask any questions regarding the services, the place, and the girls! The reservation is necessary to ensure the girls’ and rooms’ availability.
The visit
Confidential parlor is located near the center and is easily accessible from any part of the city – as mentioned before; we are very close to you. We are close to Primaverii neighborhood in a quiet and discreet area, without curious neighbor. The villa has two levels, with two receptions and six massage rooms, arranged so to ensure the intimacy and comfort necessary for the harmoniously running of the massage session. Once inside, the adventure begins!

The photo gallery reflects the reality and is updated almost monthly. Visit the photo gallery to choose your favorite masseuse or to see the new girls in the most exciting poses! Place yourself as the photographer and think about whether you could face these challenges!

Throw away the adults magazines! Come to see and feel “the real thing”.
Visit us with two of your friends and each of you will have 15% discount! Note our adress: Popa Savu str. nr. 3A!